What Is Njvpdi (2024)

1. I am entering a w2. box 14 has an amount for njvpdi. your drop down ...

  • 3 jun 2019 · I am entering a w2. box 14 has an amount for njvpdi. your drop down does not have that for nj. what shall I enter. I don't know why it does ...

2. NJVPDI - TurboTax Support - Intuit

  • 25 jun 2020 · NJVPDI. Box 14 of form W-2 is used by employers to put miscellaneous information. Most of it is for information purposes only, while some ...

  • I live in NJ. My W-2 has in Box 14 a charge for $148 for NJVPDI. I thought it was just a different coding for NJDI, but that has a cap of $58.48. I am trying to figure out if I should: a) get a credit for overpaying disability insurance, and b) can I deduct it and how? I worked for 2 different emplo...

3. NJ Division of Taxation - NJ Income Tax - Other Credits (UI/DI/FLI)

4. What is NJVPDI in Section 14 of my W-2? [Archive] - Ask Me Help Desk

  • 3 feb 2008 · I am told that this represents a private plan and cannot be itemized. However, a Turbo Tax person, told me it is because the private company ...

  • In section 14 of my W-2, I have an amount for NJVPDI. Where does this get included on my tax return? With the SUI/SDI? My work is in New Jersey but I'm not 100% sure where this should be included. Thanks for your help!

5. Is VPDI Deductible on Schedule A of a Tax Return? - AllisonSoares.com

  • One area that is often asked about is the Voluntary Plan for Disability Insurance (VDPI). Let's look at what the VDPI is and whether it's considered deductible ...

  • Let’s look at what the VDPI is and whether it’s considered deductible on Schedule A for your tax return. Got questions? CALL us today!


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7. W-2 Box 14 Codes - TaxWise Online 2023

  • Box 14 Code. Description. AKSUI. Alaska State Unemployment Insurance. CASDI or SDI. California State Disability Insurance. FLI. Family Leave Insurance.


8. Is NJVPDI Tax Deductible? [Archive] - Ask Me Help Desk

  • 25 feb 2012 · In my opinion, it IS deductible, just like SDI. I do not think you would get much of an argument from the IRS on this issue, because it would ...

  • I have been working for a company for 4 years. In the first 3 years, they listed on my W2 in Box 14 NJSDI payments. In 2011, about mid year, they changed the notation on my paycheck to NJ Private This. My 2011 W2 box 14 now used NJVPDI. When I asked HR about the change, they told me they had this coverage with a Insur company all along and just listed it as NJSDI on previous years W2's. I am confused as to whether NJVPDI can actually be itemized on my Schedule A as I have done in previous

What Is Njvpdi (2024)


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