What is Escape from Tarkov and why will all fans of the military simulator like it? (2024)

There are not many projects in the gaming industry that offer a real military experience without slipping into an arcade or shooter for the sake of entertainment rather than realism. You can try ARMA, SQUAD, or Escape from Tarkov.

Tarkov is a military simulator project that combines the battle royale genre, where you need to survive all the enemies in the danger zone and return to base. At the start, you will have practically no equipment and weapons, and this issue will need to be resolved through combat sorties, or by purchasing EFT rubles from Skycoach.

There is a strong emphasis on realism – this means that the cartridges will have ballistics and shooting conditions that will be close to combat ones. You will have to take into account the height and distance of the target and aim a little higher because the bullet always falls down.

The role of rubles in EFT

For rubles, players perform many transactions between themselves and NPCs – buy and sell weapons, pay for insurance of the most valuable items, buy ammunition and grenades.

You can earn them by selling trophies from battle exits, find them from other players and simply in hiding places, or get them by completing quests.

What is Escape from Tarkov and why will all fans of the military simulator like it? (1)

Start of the game

At the very beginning of the game, you will be introduced to the unspoken conflict between the United States and Russia, which takes place on neutral territory called Tarkov, where special units and mercenaries of the two countries are involved, disguised as private military campaigns.

You must choose your side of the conflict, where the differences lie largely in the uniform and main weapons – AK and M4, as well as the language of negotiations.

What is Escape from Tarkov and why will all fans of the military simulator like it? (2)

Combat exits

You will not be able to sit in a peaceful zone – your starting equipment and weapons are not suitable for serious battles and need to be improved, or rather, look for a replacement for it and all the accessories and ammunition for it. You can, of course, buy new weapons for Tarkov rubles, but to do this you must first find them, or earn them.

What you need to know about combat missions

  1. You will find yourself in neutral territory, where there will be PMCs and bandits.
  2. There will be no interactive map – you will always have to open a regular one, so try to remember the location of all key points and zones for entering and exiting them into the peaceful zone.
  3. Death will mean the loss of all equipment and weapons, which will simply be stolen by marauders, but your level will remain, you will simply return to the peaceful zone.
  4. All the equipment and weapons you find can be used immediately, but to make them masterable, you need to deliver them to the military base.
  5. Beware of bandits – there are many of them, and they use equipment and ammunition of disgusting quality, which will not be useful to you as a trophy, but at the same time, the number of bandits may well shoot you with a random bullet. Therefore, it is easier to simply avoid them.
  6. Always remember that enemies can be everywhere and when you plan an attack on another player, just look around so that there are no other characters nearby who could join the fight.
  7. You can evacuate yourself by simply finding an exit point, or by ordering paid delivery to a base that will be faster and closer.
  8. Try to take on tasks from local NPCs – this will help increase your level of loyalty and get better trading conditions and new items to purchase for EFT rubles. This will also affect the duration of the rental and the quality of equipment for the wild character.
  9. Try not to go hunting with the main character – this is dangerous due to the loss of valuable items; it is better to use a wild character for this, which can be rented from the merchant guild.

Wild character

Each player who has a positive level of relationship with the merchant faction can rent a wild character.

This is a neutral hero who has no enmity with PMCs and is used for sorties for goods that he must deliver to a military base.

Bandits are neutral towards you, and PMCs will receive a penalty if they harm you, but this does not work if you yourself start attacking them.

The basic equipment of a wild hero is rusty and disgusting, it does not cause stable damage and often jams, but as you complete tasks and grow in your loyalty with the merchant faction, you will be able to receive more stable weapons of normal quality and already hunt representatives of private military campaigns and this will give you much more rental time.


Try to look into every cache – in any of them you may come across a card to enter the laboratory. This is a raid zone that is difficult to get into, but most of the trophies from it are of great value and will help you earn a lot of rubles in EFT.

Playing in a squad

Tarkov places a big emphasis on team gameplay, because it allows the use of tactical techniques for assault and ambushes, throwing grenades without a chance for the enemy to escape, support and hiding, actions with suppressive fire, and so on.

Conclusion on the role of rubles in Escape from Tarkov and the main ways of obtaining and using them

All players who want to succeed in Tarkov must learn to farm their own equipment and weapons and go on combat missions to get everything they need for future battles, including rubles.

This is an in-game currency that can be found or obtained by completing quests and trading with NPCs.

Just sell all the equipment you don’t need and get better prices for trading with them in the future.

In order not to risk your main agent with property that you already have, use a wild character, who is excellent for such tasks due to his neutral status. Look for raid entry cards, and you will be able to take out a large amount of valuable equipment for your hero and sell it for EFT rubles.

Spend in-game currency on missing equipment from the flea market and insurance for valuable items that you do not want to lose under any circ*mstances.

If possible, of course, look for partners and create squads – together it is easier to survive and bring more resources that will be useful to you in the future in Tarkov.


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What is Escape from Tarkov and why will all fans of the military simulator like it? (2024)


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