Visit the museum - Museum Buurtspoorweg (2024)

From the moment of buying your ticket you’ll step into a piece of railway history to be enjoyed and experienced. Not only do you travel as a visitor with our historic steam locomotives and coaches between our museum locations at Haaksbergen and Boekelo, there is also a lot to be seen in and around our museum locations.

A real first class day out!

Opening times

On the following days our museum will be opened with trains operating according to the timetable below:

  • The whole season from April 2 / October 29: every Sunday.
  • In July and in August: also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

On these days the museum location Haaksbergen will be opened from 10.00 until 17.00 and the museum location Boekelo from 10.30 until 16.30 hours.

Fares for 2023

> 12 year4-11 year0-3 yearOther
Train ticket€ 13,50€ 9,50free
Platform ticket
(museum visit without train ride)
€ 4,00€ 4,00free
Family ticket
(max. 5 guests, of which at least 2 children)
€ 49,50
Group ticket
(from 20 paying guests)
€ 11,00€ 8,00free
(on presentation donorcard)
€ 11,00€ 8,00free
Wismar Railbus€ 15,00€ 11,00free
Surcharge for special driving day/event€ 4,00€ 4,00free


  • Prices are per person
  • Child Fare is valid for children from 4 / 11 years
  • Adult Fare applies to all persons from 12 years
  • Reduced fare actions are not valid in combination with other actions
  • A return ticket is also valid as a full day rover ticket
  • Fares are valid for boarding either at Haaksbergen, Boekelo or Zoutindustrie
  • Platform tickets are valid at both stations, train journeys are NOT included
  • Fares may differ during special operating days and events

Children age 4 and under ride for free

  • Payment at the Boekelo ticket window only cash (ATM is at walking distance)
  • Tickets cannot be changed for money
  • Groups from 20 persons are recommended to reserve seats (not compulsory)
  • Ample free parking at Haaksbergen and Boekelo
  • The Transport Conditions fof the Museum Buurtspoorweg are applicable to all services and transports of the Museum Buurtspoorweg. A copy is available on request.

How it all started

In the Twente region (province of Overijssel), South of the cities Hengelo and Enschede, lies the railway of the former GOLS (Geldersch-Overijsselse Lokaal-Spoorwegmaatschappij). This company opened the lines Winterswijk- Hengelo, Ruurlo-Neede in 1884 and in 1885 the line Boekelo-Enschede. In this land of sand, peat, woodland and heatherfields lies our museum, where we demonstrate a fully functional light railway company of the late 19th, early 20th century.

Our first purchase was an old diesel railbus, but since then we have acquired a unique collection of dozens of historic locomotives, coaches and other rail vehicles. Furthermore you may find a large number of smaller items in our museum and stations, such as old uniforms, lanterns, wheelbarrows and old suitcases. Everything is available to show you a light railway from past times, but the experience is the main thing. You know, we’re not a dusty museum where everything remains immobile, but a real living museum with authentic rolling stock.

Right then, are you ready for a trip in a real steam train? And eager to sniff up the atmosphere of the past? Then do come over to our museum locations in Boekelo or Haaksbergen, where there is much to be experienced, learnt and seen.

Our museum has 2 locations

Location Haaksbergen

Step into the station building at Haaksbergen and you will already experience the atmosphere of bygone times. It is here where you buy your train ticket, and where you meet the passengers of the past. In and around the station there is a lot to be seen, such as the workshop and the goods shed. Do you have questions about the working of a steam boiler, or would your child like to fill a bucket with locomotive coal? Just ask the steam depot assistant. In the station good shed you may buy coffee, tea, cake and lemonade, while our little shop sells some nice souvenirs.

Visit the museum - Museum Buurtspoorweg (1)

Location Boekelo

Next to the level crossing at Boekelo there is a little wooden cabin where you may buy tickets from the local station master. He may show you the way to the museum depot housing the largest part of the locomotives and coaches which are awaiting restoration. This may give you an idea how much work there is still to be done, before an engine or coach may return into service. For the children there is a special cabin with a play-area, and there is a big model railway as well.

Visit the museum - Museum Buurtspoorweg (2)

Halte Zoutindustrie

This halt used to serve the national AKZO salt works, which are now located at nearby Hengelo. The halt with a passing loop and island platform lies between the stations of Haaksbergen and Boekelo. On busier days with a higher frequency this halt allows for train crossings.

Visit the museum - Museum Buurtspoorweg (3)

There is much to experience, learn and be seen

There’s lots to do for children of all ages

A trip with such an old steam train is a real experience. Children may see how the old locomotive does its work at the front. And when the ticket inspector comes along, he will surely allow the children to clip their own tickets. In the other parts of the museum there is also enough to do. In Haaksbergen children may learn everything about the train transport of the past, in an interactive way. In Boekelo we have a special cabin with a play-area where they may blow off some steamy energy.

Visit the museum - Museum Buurtspoorweg (2024)


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