[Teachin' Tarkov - Maps] Woods (2024)

This guide is designed to provide an overview of the entire woods map and the extractions. It features a handful of the major location, popular routes, and a general sense of where things are located. This is a great tool to identify landmarks and common call-outs you will find in the map. As usual, I highly recommend using mapgenie (https://mapgenie.io/tarkov/maps/woods) while you are playing. Besides helping to visualize the map, you will have the added benefit of toggling on quest locations, scav spawns, pmc spawns, and specific items.

This guide will briefly touch on a few quest locations and spawn points but by no means will this comprehensively cover PVP or PVE aspects. In the forums you can find specific loot runs for these maps but at the bottom of the post I will touch on a few simple raids. All cardinal directions will be based on the orientation of the mapgenie maps. Yes, I am aware that maps are orientated differently in-game but if you want to know more, ask me in discord.

General Information:

Woods is the largest map currently released in Tarkov and features a large mountain in the middle of the map which is flanked by a smaller mountain due west. Most of the map consists of rolling hills and scattered forests. There are 2.5 road systems, one runs up the middle from North to South and then 2 roads run west to east but converse into one system at the center of the map before run NE. Woods consists of 4 large POIs and 5 medium POIs. The SW to NW western borders are surrounded by minefields plus sniper scavs. The N and NE have an impassable river along the border, and the E and SE has impassable mountain and fence borders. Woods is generally made up of low level players doing early game tasks and then run as a niche pvp map for later levels. Despite the large size of the map plenty of firefights will happen under 40m around POIs. Woods is considered a specialty map around the community.

PMC Extracts:

PMCs have 3 extracts that are always open and have no conditional requirements to use. Outskirts which is located in bottom SW of the map is for all PMCs that spawn on the Eastern/N Eastern side of the map. PMCs that spawn to north center may have Outskirt extract. UN Roadblock is located in the bottom SE of the map and is for PMCs that spawn on the Western/N Western side of the map. PMCs that spawn north center may have UN Roadblock extract. Northern UN Roadblock is located on the eastern border just south of Old Sawmill. Typically PMCs that have UN Roadblock will also have this extract unless they spawn North center.

PMCs have access to 4 conditional extracts. Bridge Car is located in the NE and requires 5000r per player. It spawns every raid. There are two bunkers ZB14 and ZB16 located in the west and east respectively. ZB14 and ZB16 have a random chance to be available but ZB14 requires a key. The last extract is RUAF located in the center south that has a chance to be open.

PMCs and Scavs have one shared extract which is Factory.

Scavs have quite the selection of extracts - none are conditional but 5 of the 9 are randomly open. Typically every raid you will have an extract in the center and each side of the map. Refer to mapgenie for locations.

Points of Interest:


Sawmill is the busiest location due to Sthurman Boss spawn, PVP, and later level quests all converge here. Pretty solid loot spawns here ranging from Toolboxes to Weapon boxes. Grey has loose loot can be gas, propane, and large tools and the cabins in the north easy of several bags and jackets. Landmarks are Grey (Woodshed), Red (Warehouse 2), and Red South (warehouse 1), Cabins, Lumber to north, and Guardhouse to the south. Landmarks in the greater area are Spine (Lookout Rock) to the east, Duffle Rock (cliff behind Red) in the west, and Sniper rock to the north. For directional purposes, there is a tiny poi Checkpoint on the road west, attachment cabin SW enroute to outskirts, and plane crash to the east behind Spine.

Old Sawmill:

Old Sawmill is the smallest of the large poi. Scavs spawn SW of the area and sometimes transition from the north, but for the most only PVP occurs here. Biggest loot zone is the old sawmill building itself which ranges from tool boxes to weapon boxes and ration crates. North UN extract is due south down the hill. Major call-outs are Chad Rock (Red Circle), Overlook (Blue circle), and Grey Cabin (Black Circle). For directional purposes north is Scav town, west is mountain, and south is ZB16. Moving N or S on the road is dangerous - typically moving along the perimeter east of chad rock is best as both Chad Rock and Overlook have power positions.

Scav Town:

2nd largest POI on the map that also can have up 4 scavs spawn here with a potential of 6 due to 2 scavs transitioning from Old Sawmill. This is street made up of 3 fenced houses with sheds and a bus stop to the north. The call outs are Brown house (red circle), giving pond (pink circle), Yellow house (black circle), and Brick house (blue circle). I drew a colored line where you enter the fenced yard and as you can see only Yellow has 1 entrance. Range of food, valuable, tool boxes, and other industrial loot spawns here. There are a couple duffle bags and over at the giving pong you can find several valuables under the dock. Directional purposes Bridge extract is to the north, chad rock is to the south, Mountain is to the SW, and Road to Village is NW. Scavs typically linger in the central road, while engaging they tend to go into house. Due not between brown and giving pond a scav can spawn in the field.

Continuation below...

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[Teachin' Tarkov - Maps] Woods (2024)


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