Lionel Messi will play at 2026 World Cup if Argentina retain the Copa America, insists Nicolas Tagliafico | India (2024)

Lionel Messi will play at 2026 World Cup if Argentina retain the Copa America, insists Nicolas Tagliafico | India (1)Getty

Lionel Messi will play at the 2026 World Cup if Argentina retain the Copa America next year, according to Nicolas Tagliafico.

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  • Messi inspired Argentina to 2022 glory
  • Hasn't ruled out one more World Cup hurrah
  • Tagliafico says Copa America success is the 'key'

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Lionel Messi will play at 2026 World Cup if Argentina retain the Copa America, insists Nicolas Tagliafico | India (2024)


Will Messi play in 2026 Copa America? ›

Lionel Messi says he is focused on playing at next year's Copa América but doesn't rule out appearing at 2026 World Cup.

How old will Messi be in the 2026 World Cup? ›

By the time the 2026 World Cup happens in Canada, Mexico and the United States,Lionel Messi will turn 39 years old. In any other footballer's lifespan as a professional, they mostly tend to retire at 35 or 36 years old.

Who is most likely to win Copa America 2024? ›

Sportsbooks have started fine-tuning the Copa America odds and to the surprise of nobody, Argentina is the betting favorite with Brazil a close second.

Will Argentina play in the World Cup 2026? ›

Reigning world champions Argentina remain top of the standings in the South American qualifying group for FIFA World Cup 2026. Five-time World Cup winners Brazil are now sixth in the group after a third straight defeat. The top six will qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2026 finals in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

What age will Neymar be in 2026? ›

Neymar will be 34 by the time the next World Cup roles around in Canada, Mexico and the United States. That beautiful golden trophy is one of the few missing from his impressive CV, but Brazil won't have any chance of lifting their sixth global title if he is still in the starting XI by then.

Will Messi play Copa America 2024? ›

Lionel Messi is healthy again. Inter Miami plans to keep him that way for Copa América 2024.

Why is Messi not playing 2026? ›

"I am not thinking about the World Cup and I am not saying 100 percent that I will not be there because anything can happen," Messi told Star+ one year on from Qatar. "Given my age, the most normal thing is that I will not be there. Then we will see to what extent. Maybe we do well in the Copa America and we continue.

What is Messi's net worth? ›

Messi is the second highest-paid athlete in the world as of 2023, and has earned an estimated $1.15 billion in his career so far, according to Forbes. Messi owns a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, holds lucrative brand partnerships, and even owns a hotel chain.

Why can t Messi play in the World Cup 2026? ›

"I'm not thinking about the World Cup and I'm not saying 100 percent that I won't be there because anything can happen. Because of my age, the most normal thing is that I won't be there.

Who is favored to win the 2026 World Cup? ›

World Cup favorite 2026

France are the favorites for both the 2024 Euro and 2026 World Cup.

Who's favored to win Copa America? ›

2024 Copa America Championship Futures Odds
TeamOdds to Win
12 more rows

Who is the favorite for the Copa America? ›

2024 Copa América odds, picks: Argentina, Brazil remain favorites. The USMNT has the sixth best odds to win the tournament of any team. Check out the latest odds, as well as insights from FOX Sports' Doug Mc...

Does Messi know English? ›

Messi said he was learning English for a year and half, during an interview in Aug. 2021 when he signed with French club Paris Saint-Germain. “I understand it, but I don't speak it,” Messi said in Spanish.

Will Messi retire? ›

Lionel Messi has admitted that the idea of him quitting football is no longer out of the question, and he admitted that he will hang up his boots when the time is right. Eight-time Ballon d'Or winner Messi, who is currently playing at Inter Miami in the MLS, also revealed his shock at having to leave Barcelona in 2021.

What year is Messi retiring? ›

Messi, who has said he will retire before the 2026 World Cup, was included in the squad despite carrying a muscle problem which has kept him out of action for club side Inter Miami.

Will Messi play in the Copa de America? ›

Lionel Messi will play in the Copa America and defend his nation's crown at the tournament. He made his debut in 2007, but it has been a long wait for him to compete.

Where will Messi play in 2025? ›

Inter Miami will introduce the Argentina superstar on Sunday night at its stadium in Fort Lauderdale. Lionel Messi has finalised his deal to join Major League Soccer, and after years of planning and pursuing, Inter Miami has landed a global icon.

Will Messi play the 2034 World Cup? ›

Given his age, Messi is unlikely to feature in the 2026 World Cup, let alone the 2034 tournament. Currently playing for Inter Miami, the great forward will return to the MLS next year before playing for Argentina in the Copa America.


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