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Use this tool to easily calculate optimal recruitment tags for desired characters in Arknights.

How to Use the Arknights Recruitment Calculator

This calculator helps you determine the potential operators you can recruit based on the filters you select. Operators are divided by various parameters like Rookie, Senior, Top Operator, Type, Rarity, and Trait.

Steps to use the calculator:

  1. Select whether your recruitment includes Rookie, Senior, or Top Operator tags.
  2. Select the Type of operator you are looking for, for example, Guard or Medic.
  3. Select the Rarity of the operator you wish to recruit.
  4. Select the Trait, such as DPS or Healing.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button to see the possible operators.

How It Calculates the Results:

The calculator cross-references the selected attributes against a pre-defined list of operators categorized by tags and types. Based on your selection, it narrows down the possible operators accordingly.


Please note that this tool makes selections based on a simple set of predefined data and might not capture all possible operator combinations in the actual Arknights recruitment system. It’s meant to assist in providing a general idea rather than precise details.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Operator Tags

Enter the tags you have in your recruitment in Arknights calculator to find out which operators match the criteria. This use case helps you determine the best combination of tags for your recruitment search, optimizing your chances of acquiring a specific operator you desire. The calculator lists operators matching your criteria, making the recruitment process more efficient and effective.

Filtering Operators by Tag Combinations

Use the calculator to filter operators based on specific tag combinations. This feature enables you to narrow down your search results, providing you with a curated list of operators that meet your requirements. By inputting multiple tags, you can refine the results to find the exact operator you are looking for.

Identifying Tag Duplication

The calculator helps you identify tag duplications in your recruitment search. By detecting redundant tags, you can optimize your recruitment strategy and avoid unnecessary overlaps. This functionality ensures that you are maximizing the diversity of tags in your search, increasing your chances of discovering new operators.

Calculating Recruitment Efficiency

By inputting your current recruitment tags, the calculator assesses the efficiency of your search criteria. It provides insights into how well your tag combination aligns with available operators, aiding you in refining and enhancing your recruitment strategy. Understanding the recruitment efficiency can improve the success rate and speed of acquiring desired operators.

Exploring Tag-Based Recommendations

Explore tag-based recommendations generated by the calculator to discover new operator possibilities. By inputting a single tag, you can uncover a diverse list of operators that match the criteria, expanding your recruitment options. This feature encourages you to experiment with different tag combinations and explore a wider range of operators.

Comparing Operator Matches

Use the calculator to compare operator matches based on various tag combinations. This functionality allows you to evaluate different recruitment strategies by comparing the list of operators generated for each tag combination. By analyzing the results, you can identify patterns and determine the most effective approach to recruitment.

Tracking Recruitment History

Keep track of your recruitment history using the calculator to monitor the tags you have used previously. This feature helps you avoid repeating the same tag combinations, ensuring a diverse search each time. By maintaining a record of your recruitment history, you can strategize and optimize your operator acquisition process effectively.

Customizing Tag Preferences

Customize your tag preferences in the calculator to tailor the operator search results to your specific requirements. By adjusting the priority of tags or excluding certain tags, you can fine-tune the search criteria to meet your recruitment preferences. This flexibility allows you to personalize your recruitment strategy for optimal outcomes.

Generating Tag Suggestions

Receive tag suggestions from the calculator to enhance your recruitment search. By inputting partial tags, the calculator generates a list of recommended tags that align with your input, helping you explore new tag combinations. This feature sparks creativity and assists you in discovering unique recruitment opportunities.

Sharing Recruitment Results

Share your recruitment results with friends or online communities using the calculator’s sharing feature. By generating a list of operator matches based on your tags, you can showcase your recruitment success and seek advice or feedback from others. Sharing your results fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the Arknights community.

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Arknights Recruitment Calculator – Optimize Your Team Choices – Made Calculators (2024)


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