A Simple Arknights Recruitment Tag Guide for Every Gamer (2024)

Start your Arknights journey on now.gg and put together a winning team without a hitch. Our easy Arknights recruitment tag guide is your ticket to picking the right teammates quickly and smartly. No need for fancy words or digging through confusing guides – we keep it plain and simple.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned player, get ready to strengthen your lineup with the know-how that gets straight to the point. It’s all about making smart picks to craft a squad that can take on any challenge.

Let’s get started!

The Basics of Arknights Recruitment

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Arknights isn’t just a game – it’s a strategic battle where your wits lead to victory, and it’s all playable for free on now.gg. The heart of the game? Building a solid team – and that’s where the recruitment system comes into play.

Think of it as your tool for hiring the best characters for your squad. You use in-game resources, set a timer, and voila, you’ve got candidates lined up for your team. It’s like a lucky draw, except you can tip the odds in your favor.

By choosing specific tags, you can target the types of characters that show up. Want a healer or a tough defender? The tags are your way of sending out a job ad that says exactly who you’re looking for.

Tip: Always play Arknights online through now.gg to skip the downloads and save space on your device – get straight to the action.

The Role of Tags in Arknights

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In Arknights, tags are your best friend. They’re the keywords you select during recruitment to attract different types of characters, each with their own skills and abilities. You can pick up to three, and the game’s smart enough to match those tags with characters that fit the bill.

But here’s the catch: the tags are random, so you’ve got to think on your feet. Mixing and matching the right tags is like a puzzle that can lead to unlocking some serious firepower for your team.

Say you pick the “healer” tag; you’re now in the market for a character that can patch up your team on the battlefield. Combine that with a “fast-redeploy” tag, and you could snag someone who jumps into action quickly.

It’s all about synergy. The tags you choose can make or break your team, shaping it into a well-rounded machine or a specialized force.

Tip: Use this Arknights recruitment tag guide as your cheat sheet to combine tags and create a top-tier team while playing online, on mobile, or on PC with no download fuss.

Crafting Your Strategy: Tag Combinations

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When you’re in the Arknights recruitment screen, pairing the right tags can make all the difference. Here’s a simple list to help you create strong teams:

  • Top Operator: Your golden ticket for a 6-star operator.
  • Senior Operator + Crowd Control: A shot at a solid 5-star operator.
  • Summon + Support: Brings in specialists with unique abilities.
  • Debuff + Specialist: For operators who can weaken enemies effectively.
  • Support + DP Recovery: To keep your team’s resources flowing.
  • Shift + Defense: Picks operators who can manipulate enemy positions.
  • Specialist + Survival: Secures operators adept at outlasting foes.
  • Nuker + Ranged: For a powerful damage dealer from a distance.
  • Fast Redeploy + DPS: Quick response team members who pack a punch.
  • Slow + Healing: Healers who can also delay enemy attacks.
  • Healing + Vanguard: Tough frontliners with healing capabilities.
  • Survival + Defender: Resilient operators who can take and hold the line.
  • DPS + Supporter: High-damage operators with supportive skills.
  • Guard + Defense: Frontline warriors who specialize in protection.

Tip: Use these tag combos to strategically build a balanced team that can handle a variety of challenges in-game.

Rarity and Tags: Securing Top Talent

Rarity in this strategy game is like finding a diamond in the rough – the rarer your operator, the stronger your team can become. Rare operators bring unique skills to the table that can change the game.

They’re the MVPs, the game-changers, the ones you brag about to your friends. The tags you choose directly influence your odds of getting these rare gems. Go for tags that are less common, like “Top Operator,” and you might just hit the jackpot.

Using rarity to your advantage means knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. When a rare tag shows up, it’s time to go all in.

Max out your recruitment time because the longer it is, the better your chances of keeping that rare tag and bagging a high-caliber operator. It’s about playing the long game, being patient, and then striking when the moment’s right.

Tip: Keep an eye out for rare tags, and don’t hesitate to play the long game to recruit an operator who can be a real game-changer on your team.

Tips for Efficient Recruitment

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Want the best bang for your buck in this anime game? It’s all about playing it smart with your recruitment sessions.

Longer wait times can up your chances for a rare operator, but they’ll cost more of your in-game cash. Keep an eye on your resources, and don’t pour them all into one go unless you’re sure it’s worth it.

Shorter sessions can still yield solid operators and keep your team growing steadily. It’s like investing wisely – spread out the risk for the best overall gain.

Tip: Balance your recruitment time and in-game money to keep your team strong without breaking the bank.


Knowing your tags in Arknights is like having the best game plan on the field. It gives you the power to pull together an unbeatable team. And with now.gg, you can play Arknights for free, right in your web browser.

You can build the ultimate team in Arknights with our simple Arknights recruitment tag guide, designed to help you choose wisely and thrive in the game.

With now.gg, enjoy the freedom to play online, on mobile or PC, without any download worries. Your strategy and our guide are all you need to excel.

A Simple Arknights Recruitment Tag Guide for Every Gamer (2024)


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